KSID/ESDR Collegiality Awards

Deadline: 1 June 2019 The ESDR is offering 3 awards to young South Korea-based researchers wishing to attend ESDR 2019. The objective of the awards is to help promising researchers obtain international exposure of their work and to build networks in Europe at an early stage in their career and thereby help develop their professionalism and sense of achievement.

En route to, or on the way back from, the ESDR 2019 meeting the ESDR would help support a visit for that fellow to attend a Department or Institute at which he/she could present some data and enjoy some academic discussions/feedback, as well as some local hospitality. 

For the 2019 ESDR meeting, the ESDR has decided to offer travel awards of EUR 1,500 each. 

Who is Eligible?

For South Korea-based researchers, the eligibility criteria are: 

[1] Currently active in investigative dermatology within a South Korean University-based Department or Laboratory or similar Institution. 

[2] Currently employed as a Resident, PhD student, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Lecturer, Instructor or Assistant Professor. Ineligible are Associate Professors, Senior Lecturers, Full Professors, Consultants, and Dermatologists in full-time clinical practice. 

[3] Aged 40 or less at the time of application.

What are the Benefits? 

[1] The ESDR will award successful applicants 1500 euros to assist with travel and accommodation. 

[2] The ESDR will waive the registration fee for the 2019 meeting. 

[3] There will be the opportunity to present and discuss your data by visiting a Department in Europe. 

NB Any additional costs (e.g. for travel and accommodation for the Departmental visit) will need to be borne by the applicant or the host Department. 

How Many Awards will there be? 

For 2019, the ESDR plans to offer up to 3 awards 

How do I apply for an award? 

[1] Make sure you have submitted an abstract for the 2019 ESDR meeting in Bordeaux

[2] Apply by email to the ESDR Executive Director, Thomas Florestan (thomas@esdr.org) (deadline for applications 17.00 CET 1 June 2019) 

Applications should include: 

[a] Brief CV of applicant 
[b] Details and goals of proposed department visit in the Europe
[c] Brief note from head of department in Europe confirming his/her willingness to host you, if application is successful.
[d] A copy of the abstract submitted for the ESDR meeting 

When will Successful Applicants be Notified? 

The ESDR will notify the successful applicants by 15 June 2019

The ESDR and KSID very much hope that these awards will help develop the careers and profile of young researchers by providing the opportunity for international exchange and collegiality.

For more information about the 2019 ESDR Meeting, please visit http://www.esdrmeeting.org