2017 AGM Minutes

2017 ESDR Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM)

Salzburg, Austria

Friday 29 September 2017, 17.40-18.35


  1. Opening, Welcome (Matthias Schmuth)

    ESDR President, Matthias Schmuth, opened the meeting and welcomed members.
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the AGM in Munich 2016 (Matthias Schmuth)
    Minutes of the 2016 were approved by the AGM by simple majority.
  3. Matters Arising from 2016 AGM (Matthias Schmuth)
    No matters arising.
  4. President’s Report (Matthias Schmuth)
    The membership was asked to stand for a minute’s silence to mark the passing in 2017 of Stefania Jablonska and Robin Eady.
    The membership was shown the composition of the ESDR Board then a slide showing collaborations with other European and International organisations. Activities included several initiatives with EADV and satellite sessions at ESDR 2017 from René Touraine Foundation, International Psoriasis Council, EDEN, E2BRN, Neurobiology of the Skin and others.

    Matthias Schmuth then went on to describe ESDR’s two major educational initiatives outside the ESDR meeting, ie, the Summer Research Workshop with EADV and the ESDR Academy for Future Leaders in Dermatology.

    Finally, the AGM was updated about ESDR’s strategic experiments (see Figure 1 below):

    Figure 1: ESDR Strategic Experiments

  5. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (Michel Gilliet)
    Michel Gilliet started by formally thanking Tilo Biedermann for hosting a scientifically and socially successful ESDR 2016 meeting in Munich. He then presented the 2016 financial report, showing an operational surplus of EUR 277’330. This was attained through a strong result from the annual meeting (EUR 204’746), revenue from JID of EUR 262’001 and membership income of 132’873. Total income for 2016 was EUR 829’529 and total expenses EUR 551’929. Costs remained largely stable in 2016, though there was an increase in salary charges and new consulting charges connected to ESDR’s strategic experiments.

    Current cash assets at 31 December 2016 were EUR 2’313’970 (see Figure 2 below)

    Figure 2: ESDR Current Cash Assets

    VOTE: The AGM approved the financial report by simple majority

    ESDR Office Major Activities 2016

    - Appointment of Valérie Aulas at 50% for membership
    - Constitutional Affairs
    - New membership software
    - Strategic meetings with Board and consultants
    - Weekly Executive committee teleconferences and periodic board teleconferences
    - Planning and fundraising for annual meetings and Future Leaders Academy
    - Development of social media and society websites

    New ESDR Members (Michel Gilliet)
    94 new membership applications were received since the last AGM. Michel Gilliet showed the names of the applicants to the AGM and asked for approval of the new members.
    VOTE: The AGM approved new members by simple majority
  6. Election of New Board Members (Matthias Schmuth)

    The ESDR Board proposed election of the following ESDR members to the Board for a period of 5 years:

    Leopold Eckhart (Vienna)
    Bernhard Homey (Düsseldorf)
    Edel O'Toole (London)

    VOTE: the AGM approved the Board’s proposal by simple majority.
  7. Appointment of President-Elect 2018/2019 (Matthias Schmuth)
    The AGM was informed that David Kelsell was appointed President-Elect 2018/2019.
  8. JID Editor's Report (Mark Udey)
    Mark Udey presented details of the new Editorial Board as well as statistics from 2016 and forthcoming changes at the Journal in 2017/2018.

    In 2017 there were 1025 submissions with an average of 27 days to first decision. Currently a 35% acceptance rate. 2016 Impact Factor is 6.29.

    Major developments include an alternative submission and fast publication tracks, a website update and editor training in implicit bias awareness. Conflict of Interest declarations for Editorial Board to be introduced from 1/1/2018.
  9. Other Business and Closing

    Michel Gilliet formally thanked Matthias Schmuth for his term as ESDR President.

    The meeting was officially closed at 18.35