2016 AGM Minutes

2016 ESDR Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM)

Munich, Germany

Friday 9 September 2016, 18.00-18.55


1. Opening and Welcome (Jonathan Barker)
Jonathan Barker welcomed the members to the AGM

2. Approval of the Minutes of the AGM in Rotterdam 2015 (Jonathan Barker)
The AGM approved the minutes of the 2015 AGM by simple majority and without comment.

3. President’s Report (Jonathan Barker)
Jonathan Barker asked the AGM for 1 minute of silence to mark the deaths of Dr. Martin Leverkus and Dr. Kimmo K. Mustakallio during the past 12 months.

Jonathan Barker also made the following points to the AGM:

  • 2015-2016 was a very good year financially for the ESDR and the Munich meeting is looking successful.
  • Membership is stable
  • Legal issues with our status are now cleared : ESDR office is allowed to stay in Switzerland as long as we pay our dues to the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.
  • JID (Journal of Investigative Dermatology) is in good shape with Mark Udey as the new Editor from June 2017.

4. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (Michel Gilliet)

Michel Gilliet thanked Maarten Vermeer and Mauro Picardo for the organization of the 2015 ESDR meeting in Rotterdam. The meeting had an overall surplus of EUR 213,360. He then detailed the 2015 ESDR finances. In addition to the meeting surplus, an exceptional signing bonus from the JID (EUR 310,645) boosted the income of the ESDR substantially. Overall, costs were about 10% higher from 2014. The overall surplus to the ESDR in 2015 was EUR 439,653. The accounts have been submitted to the tax authorities in Switzerland and audited.

VOTE: The AGM approved the 2015 ESDR accounts by simple majority.

ESDR Office

Michel Gilliet then explained the reorganization of the ESDR office, now that Valérie Aulas (50%) has been appointed. Some tasks have been redistributed and job titles/contracts are in the process of being updated.


112 new membership applications were received since the last AGM. Michel Gilliet showed the names of the applicants to the AGM and asked for approval of the new members.

VOTE: The AGM approved new members by simple majority

5.Modification of ESDR Articles of Association (Jonathan Barker)

The ESDR Board proposes to modify the following paragraphs of the ESDR Articles of Association:

* Insertion of new paragraph
Section 6: Management

2. To enable the operations of the society, the Board may appoint an Executive Director and other employees. The Executive Director or equivalent has authority to be a signatory on behalf of the Board. The Executive Director or equivalent is accountable through the Executive Committee to the Board.

*Renumbering of Section 13 to Section 14 and insertion of new Section 13

Section 13
Research and Education Development

1. The board shall determine programs for supporting research and education. This may be enacted through the establishment of a relevant subcommittee.

2. A budget for research and education shall be prepared by the Secretary Treasurer and shall be passed by simple majority vote by the board.

VOTE: The AGM accepted the modifications of the Articles of Association by Simple Majority

6. Election of New Board Members  (Jonathan Barker)

Jonathan Barker asked the AGM to accept three new members onto the Board for a five-year term: Hervé Bachelez, Martin Steinhoff and Marta Szell.

VOTE: The AGM accepted the new Board members by Simple Majority

7. Appointment of Executive Officers (Jonathan Barker)

Jonathan Barker informed the Board that Michel Gilliet will be President of the ESDR from 2017-2018. Chris Griffiths will succeed Michel Gilliet as Secretary-Treasurer from October 2017.

8.  JID Editor’s Report (Barbara Gilchrest)

Barbara Gilchrest presented a short report to the AGM about the JID over the past year. Major points included:

  • Transition to Elsevier as new publisher from 1 January 2016 has been smooth
  • Impact factor dropped slightly to 6.91
  • 2016 Acceptance rate for manuscripts between 30-35%
  • Average days to decision has dropped to 27
  • Fellowship Program for Women in Dermatologic Research was launched and has been successful. Will continue in 2017

9. Other Business and Closing

No other business. Jonathan Barker closed the meeting at 18.55