2015 AGM Minutes

2015 ESDR Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Friday 11 September 2015, 18.00-19.00



1. Opening and Welcome (Mauro Picardo)

Mauro Picardo opened the AGM and welcomed the members


2. Approval of the Minutes of the AGM in Copenhagen 2014 (Mauro Picardo)
The AGM approved the past minutes by simple majority.


3. President’s Report (Mauro Picardo)
Mauro Picardo indicated that the 2015 Rotterdam meeting had 950 registered delegates.
He then reported on the following educational events organized by ESDR:
* ESDR Academy for Future Leaders in Dermatology (2014/2015)
* ESDR/EADV Summer Research Workshop 2015
He also updated the AGM on the ISID project jointly organized with the JSID and SID for the organization of future IID meetings.
Finally, he informed the membership of the dates of future ESDR annual meetings.


4. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (Jonathan Barker)

Jonathan Barker presented 2015 accounts to the membership. The overall result showed a surplus of EUR 216,637.60. The AGM was asked to accept the audited and verified accounts for 2015 and this was approved by simple majority by the AGM.

Jonathan Barker also showed the AGM a comparison of financial ESDR results over several years and outlined the importance of having sufficient funds to deal with ESDR activities, particularly during IID years, where income is usually reduced.

Membership Dues
The AGM were then asked to approve a small increase in annual membership dues to the following amounts:
* Patron EUR 270 (from EUR 250)
* Standard EUR 145 (from EUR 135)
* SID/JSID Joint members EUR 80 (from EUR 60)
* Student/Resident/Eastern Europe EUR 70 (from EUR 60)

The AGM accepted the proposal by simple majority.

Core PCO: C-IN
Jonathan Barker informed the membership that ESDR is working with its appointed core Professional Congress Organiser (PCO), C-IN, during the transitional phase ahead of the ESDR 2017 meeting where the company takes charge of the meeting. Transitional tasks have included meeting and website support and preparation of bids for future ESDR meetings.


5. New ESDR Members (Jonathan Barker)
The AGM was asked to accept the application of 112 new members since the last meeting. The names of the applicants were projected in the auditorium. The AGM accepted all new members by simple majority.

With the newly accepted members, ESDR has an active membership of 1,256 members.


6. Election of New Board Members (Mauro Picardo)
Mauro Picardo informed the AGM that 3 applications had been received for ESDR Board membership. The AGM was asked to vote on the applications of Caterina Missero (Naples) Sirkku Peltonen (Turku) and Menno de Rie (Amsterdam). The three applicants were elected by simple majority by the AGM.


7. Appointment of President-Elects (Mauro Picardo)
Mauro Picardo advised the AGM that Matthias Schmuth will become President-Elect for 2015/2016 and that Michel Gilliet will become President-Elect for 2016/2017.


8. JID Editor’s Report (Barbara Gilchrest)
Barbara Gilchrest summarized JID activities during the last year including the increase in impact factor to 7.216, the transition to a new publisher from 1 January 2016 (Elsevier) and the current process of looking for the next JID Editor.


10. Other Business and Closing
No other business. Mauro Picardo closed the meeting at 19.00